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Arched sistrum: richly decorated and elaborately engraved round the outside of the arch. On the top of the arch is engraved a Hathor head surmounted by a formalized head-dress; the curled and braided wig is fastened in five places with star-ornamented bands; there is a nbw symbol beneath; an uraeus on either side, each with a lioness head, is surmounted by a sun disc, the body passing through a šnw symbol. On each side of the arch at the top is engraved a vulture, with a šnw in its claws, a W?dt eye and winged disc beneath; in the middle on each side is a figure of the goddess Bastet, mistress of Bubastis, holding an 'n? symbol in one hand and a papyrus in the other, seated on a throne within a lightly-built shrine with plant columns and Hathor capitals; and at the bottom on each side is a slender female figure holding an arched sistrum in each hand, one with a papyrus head-dress, one with a lily head-dress, the nbw symbol beneath the feet; the dress is close-fitting, ankle-length, and decorated with a criss-cross pattern and border. At the base of the arch are the remains of a cat's feet. The arch is pierced with three holes on each side, none of which makes any attempt to avoid the engraved decoration. The three rods and twelve sounding plates are modern restorations. The double Hathor head has the two pairs of lengthy ears well-separated; the brow is surmounted with a stylized fringe. Of the two lateral uraei, one is missing, the other wears the atef crown; at the back of the uraeus are two dowels that hold the arch to the capital in a push-fit. There are seven uraei on both the front and back of the capital, each with a sun disc. Within the capital was found a lump of lead; a hole at one end of this may have held one of the dowels in position. The hollow handle is cylindrical, with five tie-bands at the top; the base cap is missing.

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