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Flute. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Ivory; 10 sections plus cap, screwed together in the following manner: (i) Head: cap plus 3 sections (one with bulge to take socket); (ii) Upper body: 3 sections, outer sections having tenon extensions; (iii) Lower body: 2 sections, one with bulge to take socket, other with tenon extension; (iv) Foot: 2 sections, one with turned ring to take key. Silver key; small oval embouchure-hole; R1 offset towards player; right hand holes close together. Apparently an experimental instrument, perhaps from a kit intended to make various different sizes of instrument by screwing different sections together (only one instrument can be made from the sections available here); see also ivory recorder (258). Keymount type: ring; SATK. Keyhead type: flat square, notched and chamfered.

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