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Flute. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Cocus; 4 sections (lower body and foot in one piece); silver keys; 5 grooved silver ferrules; tuning-slide; metal-lined head; metal embouchure-plate; graduated screw-stopper; thick metal lining to tuning-slide section; slight extension of tuning-slide section grooved to match ferrules (when pulled out); sockets strengthened with inserted band of ivory between metal of ferrule and wood of socket; socket at top of upper body, tenon on head; curved G♯ key with its mount set diagonally on body; large oval embouchure-hole; L2, R1, R2 finger-holes slightly larger than on earlier Monzani models in this collection, i.e. (24), (1219), (30) and (31); linked low C/C♯ touches. The words "patent keys" refer to the pads mounted on central screws of Monzani's 1807 patent. This instrument also includes the strengthened sockets and extended metal tuning-slide received by another metal tube of the 1807 patent; and the lower body and foot in one piece described in Monzani's 1812 patent (G.B. Patent Nos. 3074, 19th October 1807 and 3586, 16th July 1812). Keymount type: knob. Keyhead type: flat discs mounted at centres; flexible, especially for foot keys (to aid seating).

  • Measurements:669