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Flute. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Rosewood; 5 sections; silver keys; 8 silver ferrules and decorated cap; silver embouchure-plate; metal-lined head; tuning-slide; metal-tipped tenons; lower body ferrule has extra collar of silver beneath its silver ring, probably to inhibit cracking; oval embouchure-hole; interlocking low C/C♯ touches; cork added beneath touches where a key strikes a metal ferrule; patented tuning-slide/stopper coupling device (cap, when screwed, automatically adjusts extension of tuning-slide, G.B. Patent No.6338, 27th November 1832.). Keymount type: knob; thick brass springs. Keyhead type: saltspoon, with pewter plugs and metal key-hole surrounds for low C/C♯. Repair History: Upper body may be a replacement or may have been shortened. It has no maker's mark and its ferrule does not match those of the other sections although its keywork does.

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