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Flute. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Cocus; 3 sections (body and foot in one piece); silver keys; 4 silver ferrules plus cap; graduated tuning-slide; screw-stopper with dial at side (Ward's Terminator and Indicator), gradations (0 - VI) on tuning-slide corresponding to numbers on dial which governs movement of the stopper; metal-lined head; metal-tipped and cork-lapped tenon; large square embouchure-hole with lip recess; support disc for R0 which pushes right hand forward over instrument, hence the setting of the right hand holes out of line with the left hand holes; tracker action for bottom three keys, from L0. L0: D♯; G♯; low B; low C; low C♯. L1: Vent R - B. L2: A ring. L3: T. L4: G. R0: Support. R1: F♯ ring; B♭; D trill; B trill. R2: T; dup G♯. R3: T; triplicate G♯. R4: D; quadruplicate G♯. Keymount type: rod/pillar; needle springs (Ward's instruments were the first English instruments to use these (Toff 1979, p.88)). Keyhead type: shallow chased cup, rising to point at centre. Repair History: A recess has been cut beneath L0 (D♯) key to open hole cover further when R4 is down.

  • Measurements:700