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Flûte d'amour. Nominal pitch: A.

Technical description: Cocus; 3 sections; german silver keys; 4 german silver ferrules; oval embouchure-hole; screw-stopper; metal-tipped sockets; foot keys arranged so that low C♯ and low C have a touch each, plus an extra one, joined to C, overlapping C♯ and fitting neatly into curve of D♯ key, to aid sliding from D♯ to C, or C♯ to C. Fingering as for Boehm 1832 system but with closed G♯ (L4), Coche D♯ trill (R1) and Buffet's modifications: all axles on nearside, plate attached to A ring (L2), closing B♭ hole, as alternative to R1. L0: B (TT). L1: PL - C. L2: A ring; PL - B♭. L3: T. L4: G♯. R1: F ring; D♯ trill (Coche). R2: E ring; D trill. R3: D; B trill. R4: D♯; low C♯ (two touches); low C. Keymount type: rod/pillar; needle springs except for L0 and L4 keys (leaf). Keyhead type: shallow cup. Repair History: ClosedG♯ may be an adaptation of an original openG♯.

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