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Side drum.

Technical description: Brass shell, wooden flesh hoops and counter-hoops; release hole in side of shell; four studs on counter-hoop, adjacent to handle, possibly for the attachment of harness. Tuning is by a single T-shaped handle; tuning handle on side operates a metal shaft with 2 screw threads of opposite sense; two threaded metal cross-pieces mounted on screwed rod, each end of both cross-pieces fitted with a loop or a pulley; two groups of four laterally-mounted pulley wheels in frames in the shell mounted around the bearing at each end of the shaft; two groups of four external laterally-mounted pulleys in unattached frames held in position by the cable; four external unattached wires with loops at each end held in position by the cable; at each of the 10 tensioning points on each counter-hoop there is a radially-mounted pulley; all tensioning fitments of brass, with rope cable. Two thick gut snares; 15-inch heads.