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Technical description: Open-backed banjo. Skin membrane. Metal (nickel plated?) body attached to a holly rim. 30tension lugs. Metal arm-rest engraved with floral decoration, attached to the body with two screws and backing plate. Metal string support at the bottom, the loop ended strings attaching through slots cut at the bottom then passing under a bar over the membrane. Bridge of beech with six notches, the first and sixth damaged. The bridge is 67mm long but only the last 9mm at either end are against the membrane. Hardwood tension rod, tapering from 19mm square to 12mm square inside body, serial number stamped on bottom on tension rod. Heel, neck and head of hard fruitwood, possibly cherry. Heel cap of metal. The heel flows smoothly into the neck. The neck has a D-section shape, except between the nut and fret5, where it has a Vshape with a sharp ridge in the centre. The neck flows smoothly into the head. Ebony veneer on front of head. Five enclosed banjo tuners with ivory knobs on head, sixth tuner on side of neck for the high string. High string button on the body side of fret5. Neck 38.1mm wide at nut, curve up in fret5 for extra string, 47.8mm wide at fret5, 52.6mm wide at body. 18frets. Ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl inlay - dot and triangles at fret1, dot at fret2, 5 pointed star at fret5, two dots at fret7, 5 pointed star at fret10, two dots at fret12, one dot at fret14, two dots at fret17.

  • Measurements:874.Body diameter: 291.