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Hurdy gurdy.

Technical description: Guitar-shaped body; soundboard of pine, painted or heavily varnished with a red pigment. Back and sides of stained sycamore. Added moulding at the bottom between the back and sides over the joint. Flat soundboard. Pearwood wheel, c85 diameter. Bridge of oak (probably not original), drone bridges of stained sycamore. 2 roses let into the soundboard below the drone bridges, 38.4-40.8 diameter, probably intended to be circular but have distorted. Tailpiece of stained sycamore. Wheel crank of iron, handle stained sycamore. Keybox 55-59 wide, 72-57 high, sides of stained (or painted) lime or poplar. Curved keybox lid of stained sycamore. Strap holder to the left of the wheel near the bottom and to the right of the neck into the ribs (now missing). Back of two pieces with a joint in the centre. Shield-shaped head, with open sides and closed end. 6 pegs. Iron hooks for holding the drone strings, 2 holes in the tailpiece for the chanterelle strings. 27 keys (some now missing), naturals of stained oak, accidentals of stained sycamore. Accidentals in groups of 1, 3, 2, 3, 2 (lowest to highest pitch). There is a wedge-shaped compartment, with a hinged cover under the neck part of the keybox. Repair History: 8 keys are possibly replacements.

  • Date:
    Possibly early 17th century
  • Maker:
  • Collection:
    University of Edinburgh
  • Inventory number:
  • Place of production:
    Britain or Low countries (?)
  • Hornbostel-Sachs classification:321.322-71
  • Culture:
  • Period:
  • Materials:
  • Specific materials/techniques:
  • Decorative elements:
  • Inscriptions:
  • Hornbostel-Sachs category:321.322-71
  • Repository:University of Edinburgh
  • Measurements:617 excluding handle.