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Technical description: Lute shaped body. Bookmatched soundboard of spruce. Soundhole 94.5mm diameter. Soundhole purfling consists of 2mm wide half-herringbone design in ebony and willow(?), a thinner half-herringbone pattern slanting in the opposite direction, ebony strip, half-herringbone strip in the first direction, ebony strip, ivory(?) strip, then a 15mm wide band of mastic with inlaid mother-of-pearl designs, then a thin ivory strip, ebony strip, thin half-herringbone strip, wide half- herringbone strip going the opposite direction, thin half-herringbone strip the first direction then three thin ebony strips giving the appearance of a wide strip. Bridge of ebony with ivory saddle and ebony bridge pins with mother-of-pearl eyes. The edging around the soundboard is of rosewood with a thin ebony strip inside it, then a thin half-herringbone strip, wider half-herringbone strip going the other direction, thin half-herringbone strip the first direction then a thin ebony line. This design is mirrored on the bass and treble sides, meeting at the bottom of the soundboard. The back is of rosewood with thin willow(?) spacers. 17 ribs in total, the outer ribs much wider than the others. Rosewood end capping, and rosewood extension of end capping making a double thickness of the ribs for half the width of the outer ribs from the end capping to the neck. Ebony end button in bass. Brass piece screwed on the treble side about 90mm below the end button, presumably as an alternative method of holding the strap. Neck and heads of mahogany. Brass button on treble side of neck near body joint for strap. Head joins neck with Vjoint. Machine heads of brass with ivory buttons. Extended head added to bass side for the extra strings. Nuts of ivory. Fingerboard of rosewood, cambered over its width. Width of neck 44.5mm at nut, 55.5mm at body joint. Inlaid mother-of-pearl stars at frets 5, 7, 9, 12, and 17. Fingerboard glued on top of the soundboard. 18frets in total. Inside of ribs covered with tape and painted black.

  • Measurements:964