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Viola d'Amore or Treble Viol.

Technical description: Soundboard of spruce; back, ribs, head and neck of sycamore; fingerboard and tailpiece of stained fruitwood, veneered with stained holly(?) and ivory; nut and tailpiece arm ivory; pegs ebony with mother-of-pearl dots. Flame type sound-holes, parchment rose, 119mm from the top of the body, oval shaped, 41 long, 36 wide. Purfling of ebony/sycamore/ebony, the sycamore strip being twice the thickness of the ebony strips. Arch of soundboard 17mm. Back of two pieces with a strip of ebony running down the length at the centre, deep figure rising from the edges to the centre. Soundpost plate and support bars at the lower bout and fold inside. The strings attach to the tailpiece below the top surface. The fingerboard is floating, only attached to the neck in three places (at the two ends and in the middle). The strips are solid, so sympathetic strings could never have passed through the gap. Neck length 157; fingerboard length 246 -250, 38.2 wide at nut, 56.7 wide at bottom end.

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