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Square pianoforte.

Technical description: English square pianoforte. Compass 82notes C₁ - A₇ [CC - a'''']. Total height of instrument with lid closed 852, height from floor to top of natural keys 643. Late Broadwood square piano action with hopper dampers. Double strung except in the bass which had single strung strings from C₁ - E-flat₂. No evidence of a pedal, but there are remains of pedalboard pulldowns from C₁ - E₄, the leather thongs with attached to the trackers remain. The soundboard goes over all of the area behind the keyboard with a slot for the hammers. The faceboards are recessed behind these corners by a distance of about 4mm. The music desk is attached to the back of the nameboard. Iron plate acting as the hitchpin holder behind the bridge. The double strung section has equalised string lengths to ensure both strings have the same tension. The stringing in the treble alters so that the angle of the string at the top note is perpendicular to the front and back of the case. Iron bar between the hitchpin plate and the wrestplank. Sycamore veneered wrestplank. Ivory naturals, ebony accidentals, plain sycamore keyfronts, natural touchplates length 45, accidental touchplates length 92 (in the middle of the compass). Three-octave span 490. The legs have octagonal columns, and are turned at the top and bottom. The lid divides at half of the width, the keywell flap is attached to the lid flap. Prop-stick for supporting the lid on the bass side. Removable fretwork pieces on either side of the music desk covering the front half of the instrument. Three hinges between the spine and lid. Nuts divided between the overspun and plain strings. There is a rebate in the spine to give enough room at the back of the instrument for the treble wrestpins. String lengths and striking points: C₁ 1487 (125), F₁ 1424 (146), C₂ 1337 (169), F₂ 1294 (195), C₃ 1092 (156), F₃ 896 (115), C₄ 584 (75), F₄ 438 (54), C₅ 293 (36), F₅ 221 (25), C₆ 147 (13), F₆ 111 (11), C₇ 72 (8), F₇ 54 (7), A₇ 47 (6).

  • Measurements:1823