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Guitar Decacorde.

Technical description: Bookmatched soundboard of spruce, of generally fine grain. Bridge of ebony, the main section 120mm long and 25mm wide. Separate bridge saddle. Bridge pegs of rosewood. Soundhole 80mm diameter. The edge of the soundhole is veneered in ebony, surrounded by alternate strips of ivory and ebony (10 of each). The soundboard is edged in ebony, with alternate strips of ivory and ebony ( 5 of each) inside. This edging extends around the whole guitar, including the section between the soundboard and fingerboard. The soundboard does not extend onto the fingerboard. The back and sides are of mahogany, with an ebony edging in between. The mahogany on the back is one piece, and is a veneer laid onto spruce. At the bottom of the sides is an inlaid ebony section which tapers from 2mm next to the bottom edging, to 32mm by the soundboard edging. There is a broken ebony endpin at the bottom. The neck is of mahogany, 94mm wide at the neck join, and 79mm wide at the nut. It is of the same piece as the heel, and has been carved out on the bass side to reduce weight. The neck joins the head with a Vjoint. The core head material appears to be maple, with the back of the head veneered in mahogany, and the top veneered in ebony. The head is a scalloped shape, with friction pegs of rosewood. The bass nut, set at an angle to the strings is made of ivory. There are holes for three ditals, one of which survives. The fingerboard is 307mm long. There are 17frets in total, frets 12 - 17 are placed on the soundboard, inlaid into ebony pieces.

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