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Technical description: Back of black-stained pine. Sides and soundboard of painted wood. Bottom end is at a 90º angle to the spine. Side opposite the spine is similar to a guitar, having a lower bout and waist, then a sharp point as the upper bout. Rounded top. The strings attach at the bottom, and are covered by a screw-on plate. The nut is in two sections, the bass section is parallel to the bridge and carries all of the chords and the lowest single strings; the treble section nut is at an angle to the bridge therefore reducing the string length. Six chords in the chord section - Emajor/minor, Amajor, Dmajor, Fmajor, Gmajor/minor, and Cmajor. The single strings form a chromatic scale from C? to C? (2 octaves). Sound-hole diameter 68.5. The strings run over an iron rod with hitchpins behind at the bottom. Square-headed tuning-pins with holes in for the strings to pass through. Tuning-pins in groups of three in the chord section, groups of two for the single strings on the bass bridge, and individual for the strings that cross the angled treble nut. All of the chords have four strings. There are three buttons on the back of the instrument for resting the instrument on a flat surface.

  • Measurements:495