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English guitar.

Technical description: Soundboard of spruce, red varnish obscures most of the grain. Soundhole 78.5mm diameter with brass rosette, featuring lady playing a long necked lute in the centre. Rosette surrounded by a turned ivory ring. Two inked purfling lines on soundboard outside of rosette. Edging of half-herringbone ebony and maple. Ivory soundboard protector at the bottom where the strings pass over the edge. Bridge of mahogany. 10 ivory pins in bottom for the strings. Teardrop shaped body. Back and sides of figured maple. Strips of ebony/maple/ebony/maple/ebony at bottom, the maple twice the thickness of the ebony, total width 3.5mm. Two maple strips providing edging between the back and sides. Half-herringbone pattern continues at end of sides. Heel, neck and head of one piece of maple, with added hook on head ending with a embossed wax(?) finial with a cross design. Metal watchkey tuning mechanism, with notes C/E/G/C/E/G stamped on it. Curved fingerboard of tortoiseshell with brass bar frets 0.8mm wide. 12frets in total. Holes through fingerboard and neck at first three frets for capo. Neck 46mm wide at nut, 52.5mm wide at body join. Neck joins body at fret10. Repair History: The bridge is a replacement.

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