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English guitar.

Technical description: Wide-grained soundboard of spruce. Rosehole 66mm diameter, set-in rose of carved wood, probably pear. Inked purfling around rosehole consisting of two thin lines, then a space to a wider line and then another space to two thin lines, with a snake rope pattern between the pairs of thin lines and a series of dots. Purfling around the edge of the soundboard of two inked lines. Back and sides of figured maple. The sides are of one piece with an ivory endpin at the bottom and nine holes for string pins, one of which has an ivory pin and four with metal pins. Ebony soundboard protector. The back is bookmatched and the figure is close and deep. There are two thin lines of inked purfling. Heel, neck and head of one piece of figured maple, of a quality equal to the back. Nine pairs of holes in head for tuning pegs, no pegs survive in full, but three pegs have been cut off to fill the highest three pairs of holes. The head curves at the top and ends with a square terminal with quartered ivory and ebony pieces. The nut is ivory. Ebony fingerboard, slightly radiused. Twelve metal frets, set for an unequal temperament. Neck length 165, width 43 at nut, 49 at body join. Total length of fingerboard 222 at sides. Repair History: Three of the peg-holes have been blocked off leaving a 6-string instrument.

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