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Technical description: Trapeziod shaped box. 24-course quadruple strung. 'Chess-piece' bridge with iron wire over the top of the pieces. Iron wires diameter 1.85 on the two longer bridges, diameter 1.38 (probably not original as it shows no signs of rust, unlike the other two wires) over the smaller bridge. Currently not set up properly, but the following appears to represent the original situation. The small bridge is positioned to take the lowest five courses of strings between it and the long edge bridge, with the remaining courses between the longest and the medium dividing bridge. There are marks on the soundboard with different shades of lightness to give an indication regarding how long each of the pieces had been in position. Soundboard of spruce with two wood and parchment roses, identical in design, internal diameter 49, external diameter 57. Baseboard of spruce or pine. Tuning-pins of iron diameter 4.5.

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