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Double bass.

Technical description: Both the front and back overlap the ribs, the back generally by 3mm, the front by 3-6mm. The front is of two pieces and has some slight tree wind damage at the top, the grain is fairly consistent 14 grains per 25mm. Purfling consists of strips of ebony sandwiching a strip of sycamore. There is an ebony soundboard protection cap at the bottom end of the belly. Soundboard location holes at either end of soundboard. Arch over soundboard 43mm. The back and sides are of well figured maple, 5 unmatched pieces used for the ribs - the lower bouts have only a single rib, ie. not joined at the bottom. The back is bookmatched, of six pieces. Varnish golden brown colour. neck and head of maple, plugged hole in the heel, 18.2 diameter, possibly hiding a dowel which goes into the neck block. Neck length (from nut to body) 371; fingerboard length 710, width at nut 42.1, at body end 93.4. Fingerboard and tailpiece of maple(?) stained black. Tuners - brass plates, iron turners, cogs and rollers, cogs with 20 teeth, turners are square-headed and require a tuning key to operate. Soundpost plate, 2 bars below the plate, 1 above, bass bar glued to soundboard.

  • Measurements:1620