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Mexican Guitar.

Technical description: Soundboard of spruce. Soundhole circa 92mm diameter. Purfling around the soundhole of ebony and maple, arranged in the sections. The first, set about 3mm from the edge of the soundhole is of thin strips of e/m/e, then soundboard wood 4mm wide, then strips of e/m/e/m/e/e/m/e/m/e, then maple and ebony herringbone pattern with thin ebony strip in between, then strips of e/m/e/m/e/e/m/e/m/e, and then another 4mm band of soundboard wood and then thin strips of e/m/e. Edging around the soundboard of maple, with thin strips of e/m/e/m/e/e/m/e/m/e inside. Bridge of ebony in two sections, one glued on top of the other. Ebony bridge pins with mother-of-pearl eyes. Sides and back of bookmatched mahogany. Maple spacer at bottom, 9mm wide, with large ebony endpin. Maple edging in between the back and sides. Heel, neck and head of cedar, the heel flowing smoothly into the neck, and the head scarfed onto the neck. Brass machine heads with bone buttons. Three maple strips on the top of the head in the middle, each 4mm wide, giving the impression of one large strip. Hole in top of head for hook or strap cord. Bridge of plastic. Ebony fingerboard on top of previous rosewood (?) fingerboard. 19frets in total, mother-of-pearl dots at frets 5, 7 and 12. Neck joins body at fret11 with present fingerboard. Repair History: Much modified. Decoration on soundboard below bridge covers part of the position where the original bridge was. Neck has been reduced in width, now 42.5mm wide at nut, 54.5mm wide fingerboard at body join, original fingerboard 77.5mm wide at body join. The neck has not been reduced in length, but the fingerboard starts further up - 335mm nut to fret12. Filled holes by original frets at frets 6, 8, and 10. Originally had 19frets. Original string length was much longer (distance between frets 5 and 17 was 292mm, although it is possible that measurement is frets 4-16).

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