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Technical description: With two chanters and two drones set in a single stock. Chanter (left hand) in two sections; 4 finger-holes and 1 thumb-hole. One thumb-hole at a higher point on the chanter has been blocked off with wax. The lowest finger-hole is offset to the left and is matched by a similar finger-hole offset to the right which is blocked off with wax. Three sound-holes placed two laterally and one above them on the front of the chanter. The chanter is decorated with lines of combing and carving of linear geometric designs, with two rows of brass dome-headed nails and two narrow bands of green material. Chanter (right hand) in two sections, 3 finger-holes; polished white metal key over a lower hole which is covered by a wooden shield or fontanelle pierced with three rows of sound-holes. Bell section threaded on to the chanter, pitch of screw 7, with four sound-holes placed in a row and decorated with four bands of red and green material. Small drone with two sections. Large drone with two sections; chanter and drone stock tapering from a maximum diameter of approximately 86, turned from a single piece of wood and drilled out to receive the tapered tenons of the four pipes. Short blowpipe set in a stock of length 68. The bagpipe is of a stained hardwood with a bag of goatskin complete with its long grey white hair. Repair History: Short blowpipe is a replacement in a lighter hardwood. A crack in the chanter bell has been bound with string.

  • Measurements:Chanter (left hand): 568; chanter (right hand): 958; bell section: 327; small drone 482; large drone 202; chanter and drone stock approximately 196; short blowpipe: 168.