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English flageolet. Nominal pitch: G (three-finger tonic).

Technical description: Boxwood; 4 sections; ivory ferrules and mouthpiece; silver keys; bone studs to guide fingers; 7 finger-holes (R2 very large, the rest small) plus thumb-hole; ebony plug in top finger-hole; separate foot section and wind-cap; D♯ key is single and below the C♯ hole; C key-hole and touch are on the left-hand side of the instrument, the G♯ key-hole on the right-hand side; C, G♯ and F keys can all be played with L4, but C key was possibly played with the middle joint of L3. L0: T. L1: T. L2: T. L3: T. L4: C; G♯; F. R0:, R1: T. R2: T. R3: T. R4: T; D♯. Keymount type: ring/knob. Keyhead type: round flat.

  • Measurements:400