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Combination drum.

Technical description: Upper head tuned (pedal control) and played with hard sticks; lower head played as bass drum by pedal beater. Cylindrical shell mounted by four legs on tensioning mechanism with pedal, made from aluminium castings. Depressing pedal causes upper head to be tensioned by raising an internal hoop. A damper plunger is fitted to the top head on an external chrome finish strap which is attached to two adjacent legs. One of the other two legs support attachments for choke cymbals and wood block. The fourth leg supports a sizzle cymbal and a cowbell. An adjustable aluminium casting forms the side drum support. A pedal works a vertical-action beater which plays on the lower head of the drum. Two internal dampers are fitted to the lower (bass drum) head. 20-inch heads.

  • Measurements:c 1000.