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Oboe. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: African blackwood with probably silver keys and ferrules. The sockets are unlined, but the reed well is lined with metal. Automatic octave keys. All the long L4 keys are levers. The axle for the upper section rings is on the left of the instrument (lying under the left hand); the middle section axle is in the standard position. B♭4 may be played forked (ie fingered L1 and L3). A rocking linkage between the rings L2 and L3 enables the correct octave key to be selected so that the forked fingering may also be used for B♭5. The lowC key is not connected to the right hand rings. There is a linkage allowing lowB to be played with R4 on the lowC or C♯ key. L0: 8.1; B♭; lowB; lowB♭. 8.1 is in normal position above the rest position, B♭ is right of thumb rest position, lowB is below thumb rest position, lowB♭ lies over lowB key with a roller to facilitate lowB-lowB♭ movement. L1: PP; 8.2. L2: R; Dtr-alt. L3: R; D♭tr. L4: G♯; C♯; E♭-alt; F-alt. R0: sup. R1: R; C; B♭. R2: R; Dtr. R3: R; F. R4: lowC; C♯; E♭. Keymount type: pillars. Keyhead type: cup.

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