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Flute. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Rosewood; 4 sections (body in one piece); silver keys; 6 silver ferrules; tuning-slide; screw-stopper; metal-lined head; oval embouchure-hole with ivory bushing and larger, lighter wood embouchure-plate set into head; cork-lapped tenons; modern-style foot keytouch arrangement, with roller for low C. L0: B? or C. L1: B ring. L2: A ring - B ring. L3: G. L4: G?. R1: PL-F?; dup B? or dup C. R2: E ring; D trill. R3: D ring; F. R4: D?; low C?; low C roller. Keymount type: rod/pillar. Keyhead type: shallow cylinder cup, with needle springs except for B?, G?, open F? and upper C keys. Repair History: Three small pin or nail holes have been made at the top of the body section, not entering the bore, and with a slight crack through the middle one. Two have been filled in. It is not clear whether the holes are part of an abortive attempt to pin the crack, or the crack has been caused by the holes, put there for some other reason.

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