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Serpent. Nominal pitch: 8-ft C.

Technical description: Wood, leather-covered, painted black; brass crook receiver ferrule with silver band 5mm wide at distal end. 6 finger-holes, no keys. Crooks brass with thread lapping: (3606a) original, (3606b) made for this instrument by Christopher Monk. The depth of insertion differs mainly because of the greater thickness of thread lapping present on (3606b).The bore at the mouthpiece end of both crooks is similar, and the bore at the distal end of both crooks is similar, but there is a significant difference in the bore profile: the external diameter midway of (3606a) is 21.0, of (3606b) 16.9. This would affect the alignment of the upper resonances of the air column.

  • Measurements:843. Body external diameter at proximal end 41 - 43, at bell 112 - 113.