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Cornet. Nominal pitch: C/B♭.

Technical description: Silver-plated brass. With intonation slide on 3rd valve tuning-slide with ring for L4. Leadpipe enters 3rd valve casing at the right; 3rd valve loop leaves from 30° left of front and returns to 30° left of front; bellpipe exits 1st valve casing at 45° left of back. With single water-key. Change from B♭ to C effected by placing moving parts of main and auxiliary tuning-slides in alternative positions. When in B♭, the windway runs mouthpipe - main tuning-slide - auxiliary tuning-slide - 3 - 2 - 1 - bell. When in C, the auxiliary tuning-slide forms a closed loop not connected to the windway, which runs mouthpipe - main tuning-slide - 3 - 2 - 1 - bell. Valve type: 3 Périnet valves, top sprung with spring outside stem, alignment by key on piston.

  • Measurements:315; bell 114.