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27-inch bass drum.

Technical description: Aluminium shell; 8 double tension rods; shell and both heads can be dismantled and folded for easy transport.Shell folds into four quadrants hinged together and secured by clips. Head tensioners are T-bar threaded type and are spring-loaded in their carriers for ease of dismantling the drum. Aluminium hoops with four hinges in each to allow them to fold in two twice. Shell and hoops each have a red painted mark to indicate correct alignment for assembly. Vellum skins, screwed directly to hoops, carry central reinforcing patches. Repair History: One hoop appears to have has spurs fitted at a later date than manufacture, and has evidence of a bolt and marks from having a pedal beater attached. This hoop also has two thumb-screw type mounting points that may have been original but for unknown purpose. Heads have repairs to areas of greatest folding which have cracked. Central reinforcing patches on skins possibly added later.