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Technical description: Soundboard of spruce, made up of three pieces, generally medium width grain though closer towards the edges. Bridge of ebony with plastic saddle and ebony pins (one with mother-of-pearl dot). Soundhole 83mm diameter, edged with rosewood which is then surrounded by alternate bands of willow (?) and rosewood (four of each). The soundboard edging is also rosewood with alternate bands of willow (?) and rosewood (four of each). The back and sides are of figured maple, the sides bookmatched, with a tapered rosewood strip at the bottom, which has a hole to receive an endpin. The back is one piece. There are two plugged holes at the top of the back near the heel. The neck is adjustable by means of a screw mechanism in the heel which, when turned by a key, alters the angle of the neck in relation to the soundboard. The heel, neck and head are black stained, possibly maple. The heel and neck meet at a sharp angle, and the neck flows into the head. There is an engraved machine head cover on the back of the head. The tuners are all on the same (bass) side, arranged so that the tuner for the highest pitched string is closest to the nut. The head is hockey stick shaped. Nut of ebony. Fingerboard of stained wood, probably maple. The neck is 305mm long, 46.5mm wide at the nut, and 56.5mm at the body join. 22frets in total. The fingerboard is angled from fret14 to the top, and raised above the soundboard from the same point. Repair History: The bridge is a replacement. There are three smaller holes at the bottom close to the soundboard which were probably for a tailpiece (not original).

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