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Technical description: Double-fretted clavichord. Compass 53notes, C₂ - E₆ [C - e''']. Double strung in brass. The treble notes are double fretted leaving the notes A and D free, and in the bass the notes are unfretted from C₂ to B₂. The outside of the lower part of the case is surrounded by a thin mahogany batten about 8mm thick. The case joins appear to be hidden dovetails, and the keywell braces are probably also dovetailed to the front. String lengths: E₆ 70, C₆ 93, F₅ 145, C₅ 187, F₄ 267, C₄ 341, F₃ 468, C₃ 570, F₂ 711, C₂ 820. Repair History: The instrument was originally constructed with a pine case which was later veneered over with mahogany except for the spine. Originally the instrument was probably about 111mm high before the present mahogany capping piece was added to it. Restored by Christopher Clarke in 1972 or soon after; re-strung by John Raymond following research by G.Grant O'Brien.

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