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Clarinet. Nominal pitch: B♭.

Technical description: Boxwood with horn ferrules and brass keywork. Six pieces: mouthpiece, barrel, upper section, middle section for the fingers of the right hand, lower section with keys, bell. Brass tuning slide between upper section and barrel. Levers for L4, tone-hole and key for R4 mounted in a fusiform swelling. Four keys mounted with screwed in pillars with pinned pivots, but tone-holes closed. One additional tone-hole for C♯₄/G♯₅, but key is missing. Brass ferrule under horn ferrule to strengthen the tenons. Apparently the instrument was prepared for the addition of further keys, but this work was not finished. L0: T; speaker. L1: T; throat A♮; throat A♭. L2: T. L3: T. L4: E₃/B♮₄; F♯₃/C♯₅. R1: T. R2: T. R3: T. R4: T. G♯₃/E♭₅. Keymount type: turned rings, pillars, swelling. Keyhead type: flat round.

  • Measurements:569