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Clarinet. Nominal pitch: B♭.

Technical description: Blackwood with german silver ferrules and keywork. Five pieces: mouthpiece, barrel, upper section, lower section, bell. Ebonite mouthpiece marked for a ligature. Curved speaker with a chimney on the front of the instrument. Long tailed throat A♭. Barret action. Additional R4 F♯₃/C♯₅. Csharp mechanism. 14keys, 4rings, 8ivory rollers. L0: T; speaker. L1: T; throat A♮. L2: T + ring; throat A♭. L3: T + ring; cross E♭₄/B♭₅. L4: C♯₄/G♯₅; E₃/B♮₄; F♯₃/C♯₅. R1: T; Barret action (F₄/C₆; E♭₄/B♭₅) side trills 1-2. R2: T + spectacle. R3: T + spectacle (forked B♭₃/F♮₅); cross B♭₃/F♮₅. R4: G♯₃/E♭₅; F₃/C₅; F♯₃/C♯₅. Keymount type: screwed in pillars. Keyhead type: modern.

  • Measurements:474, 542 with mouthpiece.