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Flute. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Boxwood; 5sections; silver keys; 10 slim silver ferrules (8 are in pairs, giving appearance of 4 when flute is assembled); wider silver foot ferrule; silver cap; ivory screw-stopper with graduated silver tip; large oval embouchure-hole with ivory bushing; metal-lined head; slim touches for long keys; wood-covered (non-graduated) tuning-slide; large finger-holes, especially L2, R1, R2; overlapping lowC/C♯ touches; large D♯ and low C♯ key-holes, but small low C key-hole. R0: Keymount type: knob, with metal-lined channels; metal pins through all keymounts. Keyhead type: pewter plug, with metal-lined key-holes, and metal key-hole surrounds on foot. Repair History: Heavy brass springs on C, longF, lowC♯ and lowC keys may be replacements.

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