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E♭ flute. Nominal pitch: D?.

Technical description: Cocus; 3sections; german silver keys; 4german silver ferrules; screw-stopper with german silver pin; large oval embouchure-hole; upper tenon metal; short lower tenon, wood with metal bands; metal sockets; cork-lapped tenons; modern-style foot mechanism arrangement; in-line action. Boehm 1847 system fingering except for :-, L0: B; BrB♭. L3: G. L4: G♯. R0:, R1: F; dupB♭ (operating on L0keyhead); Dtrill. Keymount type: rod/pillar; needle springs except for L0keys (leaf). Keyhead type: cylinder cup. Repair History: Head crack filled; embouchure-hole roughly enlarged.

  • Measurements:664