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Flute. Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Cocus; 3sections; silver keys; 5silver ferrules and disc in cap; metal-lined head; thinned head widening to cylindrical barrel at socket; raised wooden embouchure-plate with oval embouchure-hole; metal tenons, cork-lapped; modern-style foot mechanism arrangement. L0: B; B♭. L1: C. L2: A. L3: G♯. L4: G. R0:, R1: PL-F♯; PL-F. R2: E. R3: D; F. R4: D♯; lowC♯; lowC roller. Keymount type: rod/pillar; needle springs except for L0keys (leaf). Keyhead type: cylinder cup. Repair History: Head bound with twine near cap to inhibit crack. The inscription suggests that the head is a replacement supplied by the makers, at which time the serial number was prefixed by "1".

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