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B♭ flute ('bass'). Nominal pitch: A♭.

Technical description: Ebonite body, embouchure-barrel and cap; curved silver head; 3sections (body and foot in one piece); german silver keys; 2german silver ferrules; large oval embouchure-hole; large L1 and very large R2 fingerholes. L0: B♭. L1: T. L2: T. L3: PL-G. L4: G♯; longF. R0:, R1: T; C. R2: T. R3: PL-D; crossF. R4: D♯. Keymount type: rod/pillar; leaf springs except for covered action, upperC and cross Fkeys (needle). Keyhead type: shallow cup. Repair History: Replacement body ferrule roughly soldered on.

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