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Clarinet. Nominal pitch: A.

Technical description: Blackwood with silver plated german silver ferrules and keywork. Five pieces: mouthpiece, barrel, upper section, lower section, bell. Sharing three mouthpieces with (5467), one cocus stamped Uebel, one plastic stamped H.Wurlitzer, one unstamped cocus. L0 half ring operating speaker vent that is closed when used for overblowing and is opened when used for B♭ in order to improve intonation. Disconnectable articulated C♯₄/G♯₅, activated by L4, closed by R1ring. R0 vent key for F₃/E₃. Disconnectable Csharp mechanism. 17keys, 6rings, 1half ring, 4black rollers. L0: T; speaker corresponding with first ring. L1: T + ring + vent; throat A♮; throat A♭. L2: T + ring + vent; alternative cross key for F₄/C₆. L3: T + ring; E♭₄/B♭₅. L4: C♯₄/G♯₅; E₃/B♮₄; F♯₃/C♯₅;alternative lever for G♯₃/E♭₅. R0: E₃/F₃ improvement vent. R1: T + ring + vent; side F₄/C₆; side E♭₄/B♭₅; side trill key for throat G*Sharp-A or C₆-D₆; side trill for throat A-B♮ and B♭-C; alternative touchpiece for C♯₄/G♯₅. R2: T + ring + C♯₄/G♯₅ connection. R3: T + ring (forked B♭₃/F♮₅); cross B♭₃/F♮₅. R4: G♯₃/E♭₅; F₃/C₅. Keymount type: screwed in pillars. Keyhead type: modern.

  • Measurements:622