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Nominal pitch: A.

Technical description: Blackwood with silver ferrules and keywork. Five pieces: mouthpiece (ebonite), barrel, upper section, lower section, bell. Speakers curves round to front of instrument with chimney on left, corresponding to ring for L1. Silver bushing in thumb hole. Alternative touchpiece for C♯₄/G♯₅. Detachable C♯ mechanism. Additional vent (F₃/E₃ correction) on bell but corresponding mechanism on body not present. 17 keys, 5 rings, 1 plate, 4 black rollers. L0: T; speaker corresponding with first ring. L1: T + ring + vent; throat A♮; throat A♭. L2: T + ring + vent; alternative cross key for F₄/C₆. L3: T + ring; E♭₄/B♭₅. L4: C♯₄/G♯₅; E₃/B₄; F♯₃/C♯₅; alternative lever for B♭₃/F₅; alternative lever for A♭₃/E♭₅. R1: T + ring + vent; side F₄/C₆; side E♭₄/B♭₅; side trill key for throat G-A or C₆-D₆; side trill for throat A-B♮ and B♭-C; alternative touchpiece for C♯₄/G♯₅. R2: Plate. R3: T + ring (forked B♭₃/F₅); cross B♭₃/F₅. R4: A♭₃/E♭₅; F₃/C₅. Keymount type: pillars. Keyhead type: modern.

  • Measurements:705; 630 to top of barrel.