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Cornet, rotary valves, case, Nominal pitch: B♭ etc.

Technical description: Silver-plated brass, gold-plated inside bell; the 3 rotary valves in triangular layout with the main and 1st valve tuning-slides pulling towards the player and the 2nd and 3rd valve tuning-slides pulling towards front. The valve tuning-slides are inscribed with gradations (probably intended to indicate positions for use with A shank and A♭ and G crooks).The water-keys are on the bow between the mouthpipe and the main tuning-slide and on the 3rd valve tuning-slide. No fitting for music card-holder or trace of one. Valve type: 3 rotary valves operated via push-rods passing through vertical tubes containing the compression springs. The short action (9mm) is limited by felts underneath the screw caps to the tubes and corks mounted in the cap tops., Repair History: The main and 1st and 3rd valve tuning-slides have been altered to lower the playing pitch of the instrument.

  • Measurements:345; bell 125.