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Serpent forveille, 3 keys, Nominal pitch: C.

Technical description: Brass crook and first section of body (including first three finger-holes numbered from nearest to mouthpiece receiver); wooden second section of body (including second three finger-holes and bell), the wood appears to be covered in varnished parchment or other material; brass sheath at joint in body, support, keys, bell rim and fixed music card-holder; brass plate covering second three finger-holes, which all vent the distal (ascending) bore. The placement of the support, finger-holes and keys is awkward for the left hand. There is no tuning-slide but the crook insertion can be varied. L0: 3rd key (closed-standing). L1: 1st finger-hole, 1st key (closed-standing). L2: 2nd finger-hole. L3: 3rd finger-hole. R0: 2nd key (closed-standing). R1: 6th finger-hole., R2: 5th finger-hole. R3: 4th finger-hole. Keymount type: saddle (first, on brass); pillars (second and third, on wood)., Keyhead type: shallow cup. Repair History: The brass plate covering second three finger-holes may be an early repair. The drainage receptacle (boîte salive) is a simple modern replacement.

  • Measurements:992; bell 172.