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Trumpet-cornet. Nominal pitch: B♭-A.

Technical description: Silver-plated brass. With alternative leadpipes, lengths 162 (trumpet) and 157 (cornet), which slide into the mouthpipe and are held in position by a ligature screw. The alternative leadpipes give the instrument either a trumpet bore profile or a cornet bore profile and require the use of either a trumpet mouthpiece or a cornet mouthpiece respectively; however the difference is not great and the bore profile with the trumpet leadpipe is close to a cornet bore profile. The main tuning-slide has a patented doubly-adjustable stop so that it can function as a B♭-A quick-change shunt with both positions pre-set. With alternative valve tuning-slides and auxiliary main tuning-slide (piano slide) for low pitch. Valve type: 3 Périnet valves, top-sprung, alignment by three-armed washer under the spring engaging with slots in the inside of the valve casing.,

  • Measurements:from plane of bell to bow proximal 432; bell 119.