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Clarinet. Nominal pitch: B♭.

Technical description: Boxwood with one ivory ferrule; brass keys. Four pieces: mouthpiece and barrel in one piece, upper section, middle section, lower section and bell in one piece. Mouthpiece grooved for cord with 12grooves; short table: aperture trapezoidal, c29mm long, 4.5 wide at base, 9.2 wide at top, stamped on reed side. 'Barrel' and middle section each without ferrule, but with swelling to strengthen socket. Liner of speaker projects almost to centre of bore. 'Lower section' has ferrule round socket; no thumbrest. Levers for L4, tone-hole and key for R4 mounted in a fusiform swelling. 'Bell' almost conical; slightly in-curved at rim; without ivory ring. L0: T; speaker. L1: T; throatA♮. L2: T. L3: T. L4: E₃/B♮₄; F♯₃/C♯₅. R1: T;, R2: T;, R3: T. R4: T; G♯₃/E♭₅. Keymount type: blocks; swelling; SATK. Keyhead type: square flat.

  • Measurements:672; 570 to tenon of upper section; bell rim overall 65.0.