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Nominal pitch: C. Technical description: Wood, gently curved; made in two halves, glued together and bound with brown leather; first 120mm faintly lozenged exterior, remainder octagonal exterior cross-section. Distances from mouthpiece receiver to near and far edges of tone-holes L0: 155-160; L1: 179-185; L2: 204-210; L3: 235-241; R1: 283-289; R2: 315-321 R3: 344-350.

  • Measurements:Overall size: from plane of bell to bow proximal 424; bell 32.5 flat-to-flat.; Sounding length: maximum 424.; Bore: mouthpiece receiver well distal at|12.5mm from mouthpiece receiver (minimum bore) 3.9; at 212mm from bell end, c|12.3; at c|87mm from bell end, 17.5.B|=|0.33.Dia of mouthpiece receiver: m.r.t. 11.75 - 10.35 over 12.5mm.