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Technical description: Wood with leather binding; wooden finger-hole bushes; brass stays, bell mount, crook receiver mount and lining, keywork and crook; german silver mouthpiece. The instrument is arranged to be held horizontally; the bell is angled forwards.All tone-holes key-covered; 6 open-standing keys and 8 closed-standing keys: 2 for L0 (one mounted on a bridge), 5 for L1-L4 (one mounted on a bridge), 2 for R0, 5 for R1-R4. The keywork is arranged for the left hand to rest on the key touchpiece and the right hand to be held under the tube. The weight of the instrument is taken by a chain attached to the lowermost of the three stays which would be attached to a sling. The mouthpiece is fixed into the crook.; Nominal pitch: C.; Type or system: 14 keys.; Keyhead type: flat round.; Keymount type: brass saddles.; ; ;

  • Measurements:Overall size: height 735; bell 106.; Sounding length: ; Bore: crook at 300mm from mouthpiece receiver (distal end) 20.0; bell 95.Dia of mouthpiece receiver: m.r.t. 12.45 at end.