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Serpent Forveille.

Technical description: Wooden body (long straight bell section with one bow); intermediate brass section with two bows, one with drainage receptacle (boîte salive); brass crook. Brass trim on screwed onto bell rim, brass ferrule at proximal end of wooden section and brass bow guard. Brass music-card holder fixed to bell.; Nominal pitch: C.; Type or system: 3 keys.; Keyhead type: flat, round.; Keymount type: brass saddles.; L0: @I{closed-standing key in middle of straight bell sectionL1: @I{closed-standing key on brass section; open finger-hole on brass sectionL2: @I{open finger-hole on brass sectionL3: @I{open finger-hole on brass sectionR0: @I{closed-standing key at bottom of wooden sectionR1: @I{open finger-hole at bottom of wooden sectionR2: @I{open finger-hole at bottom of wooden sectionR3: @I{open finger-hole at bottom of wooden sectionThe finger-holes on the wooden section vent the ascending bore.; ;

  • Measurements:Overall size: from plane of bell to bow guard 950; bell 170.; Sounding length: ; Bore: crook at c|748mm from mouthpiece receiver (distal end) 29.7; instrument body at distal end of brass tubing 44.5.Dia of mouthpiece receiver: m.r.t. 11.6 - 11.9 (reverse taper).