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Aeolian harp

This Aeolian harp is an instrument that is meant to be sounded by natural wind. Usually, this simple form was tailored to fit a sash window, thus forcing the wind to blow across the strings. The name "Aeolian" is associated with Aeolus who, in Greek mythology, was the keeper of the winds. It has a rectangular wooden soundbox with accommodation for 12 strings (just 1 gut string is present), which would be secured to the nickel-silver hitch pins that are inserted on the top ends of the box (long axis), and probably mounted on hardwood blocks inside the soundbox. The center of the box has three narrow slits as soundholes. The tuning pins are made of an iron-alloy and the bridges are missing.

  • Measurements:Length: 765mm; Width: 120mm; Height: 80mm