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Type or system: 6 strings. Number of frets: 12 on the fingerboard. Technical description: The soundbox consists of three staves, the outer two are smoothly bent, and it has an oblong hole. Three harmonic bars are horizontally attached under the soundboard. The tie-bridge has six holes and an ivory saddle on the front edge. Six brass tuning pins are attached to the head. There is a hole on top of the head. Decorative features: The instrument is entirely painted in brown with rosewood imitation. The soundboard has paintings in gold with motifs of birds, leaves, Roman myths and musical instruments, and floral patterns are painted in gold on the head. The rose has a sunburst with a cross.

  • Measurements:Overall size: 785. Body length: 420. Body width: 318. Body depth: 113 - 54. String length: 475.