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This is a "Bilhorn Telescope Organ", a portable reed organ designed to be used by travelling churchmen. This organ was known to be used by a local street preacher, and is painted on all sides with religious slogans.

  • Culture:
  • Period:
  • Materials:
  • Specific materials/techniques:
  • Decorative elements:Sign-painted religious slogans on all sides
  • Inscriptions:This organ is the property of the Lord Jesus Christ / Ye must be born again/... with Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, forever / Strong drink is raging / Swear not at all
  • Hornbostel-Sachs category:412.132 Sets of free reeds
  • Repository:Kirklees Museums and Galleries
  • Measurements:59.5 x 40.5 x 28 cm