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Miniature koto

This is a miniature or toy koto, which is a traditional Japanese board zither with a long, slender, rectangular, and slightly convex body made of kiri wood (Pawlonia genus). The instrument has thirteen silk strings, but the movable bridges are missing. There are two fixed bridges at both ends of the board (at string insertion points) made of wood, and four small feet. Extensive inlay decorations on head and tail sections, made with different types/colored wood and plastic material. Three-leaf-shaped marquetry panel (kashiwaba), over a tortoise-shell (or celluloid-based, probably) background panel on tail. Brocade piece (ogire) covering the kashiwaba. Parquetry-style frame around the tail and head panels, and edges of soundboard. Five-petaled, brass flower with green plastic eyelets at string insertion points, on both ends. Chinoiserie design pattern painted in gold colour and inlaid along the edges of the board with foliage, vines, landscapes, blossoms and birds.

  • Measurements:Height: 75mm; Width: 545mm; Depth: 111mm