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Welsh triple harp

The triple harp first originated in Italy and appeared in the British Isles by the early 17th century. During that time, the instrument became extremely popular and was quickly adopted by Welsh harpists living in London, thus leading to the cognomen "Welsh harp" that was already widely used by the 18th century. The triple harp is a chromatic harp designed to have three full rows of strings: two rows of diatonic unisons, and a third row in the middle for the accidentals. This particular example has 36 and 28 diatonic strings, and 30 chromatic strings made of gut (some missing). The strings are attached to roughly square-shaped tuning pins at the neck frame, go through eyelet holes in the center strip of the soundboard and then tied on the inside from the back. The soundboard is made of pine and the body has maple veneer. The back has three rounded-rectangle soundholes.

  • Measurements:Height: 2040mm; Depth: 760mm; Width: 480mm