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This instrument was collected in the field by Percy Horace Gordon Powell-Cotton during his trip to Cameroon in 1928-1929. It is a one-string, spike-bowl fiddle made with a flat gourd resonator, covered with animal skin nailed to the gourd edges (mixture of wooden pins and iron nails). The skin has a soundhole cut at the "bass" side near the edge of the resonator. The neck is made of vine, and the string is made of dark horsehair attached through leather strips at the neck and tailpiece/spike. The bridge is of trestle type wrapped in cloth. There is a large wooden plug on the side of the resonator gourd, next to the soundhole. The instrument has a small bow made from arched vine and with dark horsehair attached with twine.

  • Measurements:Height: 540mm; Width: 240mm; Depth (at bridge): 150mm